May 8, 2021

50 Cent Confirms Young Buck Was ‘Dating A Boy On The Low’

Rapper and mogul 50 Cent is making news again, discussing the alleged relationship between Young Buck and a transgender.

And 50 is letting him have it.

50 and Yung Buck, a former G-Unit member, hare having an internal feud. And we all know that 50 Cent is not the right man to piss off. 

If you owe him money, you better get get him that bread quickly. If not, there will be consequences and public humiliation to suffer through. Just ask Teairra Mari. Or Jackie Long. Or even Rotimi, who literally has worked hand-in-hand with the executive producer of Power on several occasions. 

But 50’s beef with Young Buck isn’t personal either. You see, 50 gave/loaned Young Buck millions over the years – and he wants his money back

Yesterday, Fif went on instagram and “exposed” his former friend for allegedly dating a male. Look:

The comment says, “this fool was dating a boy on the low.”

If Young Buck was smart, he’;d give 50 whatever he has in his checking account . . .