October 22, 2021

Atlanta Housewife Porsha Fiancé Buys House w/out Telling Her

Porsha Williams is having a major issue with her fiancé Dennis – he put an offer down on a house without consulting her. And dropped a down payment, that he withdrew from their “joint” account.

And Dennis plans on using “their” money to buy the house.

Dennis is currently selling his condo, and living in Porsha’s Atlanta mansion. But the couple planned on moving soon after PJ was born, and buying a bigger new house.

Well Dennis found the house without Porsha. In fact, he never even told her that he was going to be out looking, nor did he ever consulting his fiancé.

Nonetheless, Porsha’s fiancé and de facto business manager, dropped more than $50,000 on the house as a down payment. $50K that was withdrawn from their joint account.

Here’s what one of Porsha’s friends told MTO News, “Dennis is so disrespectful. How do you go any buy a house with someone else’s money, and not even talk to them about it.”

According to our snitches at Bravo, the entire incident will unfold on Porsha & Dennis special airing tonight on Bravo.

Source: https://mtonews.com/atlanta-housewife-porsha-fianc%C3%A9-buys-house-w-out-telling-her