April 23, 2021

Beyonce | The Humble Artist | Her Life and Career | HD Video

Selling a hundred and twenty million records starring in seven films and headlining three solo arena tours the biggest selling female artist of the decade is still excited about new challenges and humbled by success everything that I’m involved with I’m really passionate about and I feel like you know as long as you believe in in something you can do it and I’m really blessed to have all these opportunities welcome to the incredible world of Beyonce Giselle Knowles with all that she has accomplished it’s hard to believe that Beyonce Knowles is still only in her 20s even she has to admit that life is pretty good I’m very blessed I’ve had an amazing family whatever I have a life outside of that I don’t know my life whatever you want to call it I do what I do because I love it and I’m grateful that I have support and people that tell me the truth in my life her charmed life began in Houston Texas in 1981 she signed up for ballet and jazz dance classes in elementary school and despite being a shy child that soon became clear that she could also belt out a tune by the age of seven she was winning talent competitions and just one year later she and best friend Kelly Rowland were rapping and dancing in a group called girls tyme which went on to become Destiny’s Child beyoncé salesman father Matthew had so much faith in his eldest daughter’s talent that he abandoned his six-figure salary to manage her singing career that bold decision was rewarded in 1996 when Destiny’s Child were signed to Columbia Records although Beyonce was just 15 years old she had already won over 30 singing and dancing competitions in her native Houston the group which included another of Beyonce’s childhood friends latavia Roberson as well as Letoya Luckett recorded a song called killing time which found its way on to the men in black soundtrack in 1997 that was swiftly followed up by their self-titled debut album the album went gold and featured the lead single no no no first time I heard myself on the radio was actually picking my little sister up from school it was not a little sister anymore but then she was a baby and it was all of the girls from Destiny’s Child and as soon as we pulled up the bell rang and we heard no no no on the radio and we ran out of the car we ran around the car and dropped everything in was screaming and it was like a movie scene and my sister was really embarrassed when she walked out to see us act in a plum fool until she realized it was our song on the radio still she had to wait another year to hit the big time Destiny’s Child second album the writing’s on the wall picked at number five on the Billboard 200 and spawned the number-one singles Bills Bills Bills and say my name in the year 2000 the group saw a few lineup changes with Latoya and latavia being replaced by Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin Farah dropped out clearing the way for Beyonce Kelly and Michelle although Michelle has since admitted to battling insecurity in the early days of joining the trio Kelly and Beyonce made her feel part of the Destiny’s Child family it’s like a marriage you know you need communication they need love and loyalty and Trust what else it’s very few times that you know you have you find that that perfect person that’s that’s really rare so it’s not easy and it isn’t like one thing that you can say it just has to be natural and we don’t have to force our friendship we just really enjoy each other and it was always natural for us Michelle joined the group just in time to record their third album survivor co-produced by Beyonce the album went straight to number one on the Billboard charts and spawned the hits independent woman part one bootylicious and the title single survivor written by Beyonce and her father Mathew survivor went on to win the group their third Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a duo or group after racking up several Billboard Music honors to Soul Train Lady of soul Awards as well as an American Music Award they took some time out to concentrate on solo projects after three years apart they headed back to the studio as a trio to record their fourth and final album together this time all free members took on writing and producing duties Beyonce was delighted with the result it’s called Destiny Fulfilled and I’m really excited because I know that it’s the best album we’ve ever done it’s no doubt about that the album went on to sell nearly half a million copies in its first week confirming their status as the biggest selling girl group of all time topping it all off with a worldwide concert tour to promote the album they announced to fans in June 2005 but after 14 years together it was time to go their separate ways and pursue their individual goals it’s we don’t like the word break we like to say that it’s the end of a chapter in our lives and it’s been 14 years and everything cannot last forever Destiny Fulfilled is the title of the album is not a coincidence this was something that we thought about and it was really important for us to end this chapter when we were successful still and not because one person wants to go solo or not because we don’t like each other or because we’re not selling records anymore but because it has to end at a certain point and we all have different personal things we want to do and things of what our careers that we want to do and as far as Beyonce was concerned the three of them had formed a bond that would never be broken they’d become more like sisters than workmates we are eventually let’s go get married but we I mean we all want to do Broadway we want to do movies we want to do everything for the relative newcomer Michelle there were no regrets we’re happy you know and we made history we did something that you know has not been done I’m amongst female amongst a female group you know and there was press about it but not as much as there was about the statement that we just made and even in that statement there was love in that statement and in fact that wasn’t to be their last public appearance together eight months later they teamed up again to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame it was a chance for Beyonce to reflect on the journey that had begun more than 15 years earlier we started when we were nine years old and here we are getting a Hollywood star dreams come true so thank you all so much for supporting us god bless you it also gave her proud mother Tina the opportunity to pay her own personal tribute I remember when the girls were 15 and they first heard their first single and they were so excited and their whole thing was we just want to go gold we want to have a gold record and we want to attend the Grammys not get one and ten Grammys later 52 million records later this is like a dream come true so thanks for giving them this great honor and they are very deserving because they’ve remained as beautiful on the inside as outside at just 25 years of age Beyonce had not only fulfilled her destiny she was already three years into a successful solo career which began with the release of dangerously in love in 2003 sitting in the producer seat she collaborated with big names like Missy Elliott Big Boi Sean Paul and boyfriend jay-z to showcase a more intimate side of herself and she was able to reveal as part of a group basically I wanted people to get a feel for me and the album is vulnerable it’s a lot more vulnerable than Destiny’s Child’s album because we’ve always been really strong and I’m still strong but I wanted people to see me differently and realize that I’m still human determined to get everything right for his daughter’s big debut her dad Matthew kept pushing back the release of the album and after long deliberations about which single to put out first they settled on crazy and love and the album was finally released in June 2003 much to Beyonce’s relief I’m very anxious I’m very excited just I’m happy I have so many great things happening for me right now and I’m nervous but the nervousness is good it makes me feel like okay something is going to happen and she was right dangerously in love debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 selling over 300,000 copies in the first week and eventually clocking up sales of five million worldwide best pal Kelly Rowland was thrilled for her Destiny’s Child bandmate having already earned her best female artist at the Billboard Music Awards and three MTV Video Music Awards Dangerously in Love looks set to clean up at the 2004 Grammy Awards where Beyonce was scheduled to perform with Prince she ended up going home with a massive haul of five Grammys including Best Female R&B vocal performance for Dangerously in Love 2 best R&B song for crazy and love and best contemporary R&B album at the end of the big night she couldn’t quite take it all in I cannot believe I’m like this I don’t know I don’t know what to feel I have 3 my mother has 3 actually from Destiny’s Child after that Beyonce was everywhere performing at every prestigious event from the Super Bowl to the 2005 Academy Awards where she upped the ante by singing to a television viewing audience of millions in French fearless as ever she didn’t flinch it was amazing actually I was more nervous in rehearsals when I got there I was confident in and I did it and I’m very proud I can’t wait to go home and watch it also on the agenda was her final album with Destiny’s Child and getting serious about yet another career as an actress I haven’t even been a leading lady yet which has been my choice because I want to make sure that I’m I know exactly what I’m doing when I do it but I have that I have so much more to do with so many things on her to-do list Beyonce was forced to postpone plans to record a follow-up to dangerously in love until early 2006 finally she was able to squeeze in the time to sit down with collaborators rich Harrison Rodney Jenkins and Sean Garrett to work on the new album she decided to call it bday and it’s us release was coordinated to coincide with her quarter-century anniversary on 4th of September 2006 the best birthday gift is for my album to be received really well and I think I’m just gonna have like an intimate dinner with with my friends and hopefully some good food I’m gonna have a party after an award show in in New York on the 31st but it’s gonna be like a big party with a lot of people so I won’t be able to relax so I’ll do it on my actual birthday just at home private intimate dinner instead she decided to spend a big day kicking her heels up with fans in Japan there were more celebrations after bday hit the top of the Billboard charts with sales of more than half a million in its first week of release irreplaceable stayed on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for ten straight weeks giving Beyonce the most successful single of her career she also had a UK number one with deja vu the following year she released the bday anthology video album I always wanted to do a video album while I was recording the songs I could see the videos in my mind but I didn’t have time to do it before the release so I said I’m gonna release the album when I have time and do a video for each song that mammoth job entailed filming 8 videos in the space of just 2 weeks it was all hands on deck it was difficult I did eight videos in two weeks which I don’t know if anyone’s ever done that I can’t believe I did it but I had a lot of help and a lot of support my hair and makeup team and my my wardrobe my mother and tie and my choreographer we all worked together and we were just grinding it out as if that hadn’t been keeping her busy enough she also put together a deluxe edition of the bday album featuring brand-new tracks and Spanish versions of some of the songs I decided to write some new songs that were a little more personal because bday was so aggressive and I also did six songs in Spanish because my friends were you know impressed when Destiny’s Child sang with Alejandro Suns a couple years ago at the Grammys and they were like you have to do some more Spanish you sound like you know you speak Spanish so I tried it and irreplaceable was was so well well-received I decided to do a couple more then it was back out on the road for her second solo concert tour supported by an all-female band of musicians the Beyonce experience kicked off in Tokyo on April 10th as well as taking in Australia the US and Europe the 90 stop tour stopped off in Shanghai to mark her first concert performance in mainland China she also made it to addis ababa bangkok and mumbai much to the delight of her indian fans one of the few major stars that actually come to India which is like no one comes here first of all and went beyond saying that moves she’s got the boy she’s got the talent come share your life after one of her many costume changes during the Indian concert she took to the stage in a traditional sari to sing Dangerously in love while there were no wardrobe malfunctions on that night during a concert in Orlando she got her heel caught in her floor-length jacket and tripped down a flight of stairs the incident was recorded on a fans mobile phone that became a hit on YouTube it even found its way onto the nightly news on us Network CNN but even that didn’t slow her down after picking up yet another Grammy for Best RV contemporary album she knuckle down to the job of recording her third solo album I am Sasha Fierce and I actually wanted to reveal more of myself so I named half of it I am and I’m really excited about this side of the album because the music is so classic and beautiful and it’s a lot of acoustic guitar and you can kind of hear it a little bit with this first single if I were a boy and it’s just beautiful songs no matter what the music is Sasha Fierce is the character she likes to adopt when performing on stage whom Beyonce insists is much more bold and brassy than her real-life persona I love to dance I love to dance on stage and in videos I think people will be surprised to see me dancing in real life I’m really a lot more reserved and kind of shy um I kind of do the two-step that I saw my parents – I don’t talk I can’t bust in the choreography in an intimate setting while some people she meets are surprised at the contradiction between her on and off stage personalities she believes she’s no different from most other performers actually every every person I believe has that when it’s often in the work to work no matter how tired you are you just kind of put it on and um and I feel like every performer I’ve met they all have that that character they’ve created on the stage and that’s something really special for the fan so I wanted to give them that side and also show them who I really am following the release of its first two singles if I were a boy and single ladies I am Sasha Fierce hit the record stores and Internet in November 2008 ahead of schedule plans to get back out on tour in 2009 it’s so difficult I think I’m doing like 40 songs and I do the arrangements with my band and that rehearsal time is so hard because you know people come and they all have their favorite songs and I like I want to always give the fans what they want but I’m doing all the songs I just do have to get creative with the amount and how to put them together so I can get them all together in two hours on the top of that she had to contend with the problem of rehearsals for the show’s leaking onto the Internet and spoiling the surprise for her fans it’s very frustrating now because you know it’s great because people can get a little sneak peek and say oh I want to come to the show oh I don’t want to go to that show and you know I’m fans of people so I go on there and check it out too but you know you put so much of your heart and time into the wardrobe and making sure it’s these reveals and the costumes and the lights and then you know it’s kind of unfortunate that people can see the show months before you get into their city but you know it’s life that’s what that’s how we live now it’s all very different reviews of the I am tour had critics falling over themselves to do it justice one reviewer wrote there is breathtaking elegance in her acute desire to entertain Lorraine Schwartz of The Examiner decreed in less than a year I’ve seen Madonna Britt and Beyonce Beyonce was by far the best of the three while Newsday wrote she proves that hot choreography and strong vocals don’t have to be mutually exclusive no worries of lip-syncing here and by this time many people were wondering just how she did it mister the last tour a year ago and now here I am I’m gonna be on the tour for another year thank God I love what I do and and I have time in between but you know I’m so excited and this is what I was born to do so it’s my life you know and I couldn’t imagine not being on tour doing records so I have the time of my life on not content with having the time of her life on stage and in the studio Beyonce has also somehow found the time and energy to put together an impressive film career which began with the made-for-tv film Carmen a hip hopera next she played the gun toting afro wearing foxy Cleopatra in the Austin Powers sequels Goldmember then in 2003 she starred in The Fighting Temptations as a gospel choir singer and got the big thumbs up from her seasoned co-star Cuba Gooding jr.

Beyonce is beautiful and not only that she’s a songstress but she can act but being only her second big-screen role she was nervous about how it would turn out I was terrified and the first time I saw this like the same feeling but I was so critical the first time the second time was a little better now I can really watch it she still hadn’t got over her screen fright by the time she arrived on set for the shooting of a remake of the 60s film comedy series two Pink Panther but director Shawn Levy helped her overcome her fears Beyonce and I spent a week rehearsing so we just went right at the fact that she’s not an actress it’s not her day job and let’s not pretend that there is an anxiety in the end however she took it all in her stride couple weeks and I’ve got to work with the best Steve Martin and Kevin Kline who I grew up watching their movies and now here I am in another although she could have done without the extra challenge of trying to keep a straight face while working alongside a rather distracting co-star in Steve Martin I have to just be serious I have to stay in character and play it straight and I can laugh after when I watch the play back but she wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of her ambition barbra streisand Cher and Diana Ross and they sang in a lot of their movies but when they acted they were really active and they were really cool it doesn’t matter to me I eventually want to do a really big musical that’s my dream as usual she didn’t have to wait long within two years she nailed her starring role in the big-screen adaptation of eighties Broadway musical Dreamgirls about all-girl group the Dreamettes despite the obvious similarities between her character’s life and her own there were many more differences Zena grew up in the projects of Detroit I grew up in private school I mean I grew up with you know a middle-class life and my drive does not come from me trying to get myself out of the project my drive comes from seeing my parents being successful in cab driver and you know my love music and I mean the dynamics in Destiny’s Child is very different from another marked difference between her and her on-screen character was Dina’s lack of a big singing voice having to play down her own vocal capacity was just one of the many challenges of the role the hardest thing was me knowing that I couldn’t depend on my voice because it was really soon I didn’t have a strong voice so I also didn’t have too much dialogue so I have to say so many things without saying anything using way the rescission and the studio was really not the hard part it was mainly the dialogue and the scenes of getting over my nervousness in making sure I was secure about my performance of course the hard work in the New York but that’s what I loved about it because so much her efforts were rewarded with two Golden Globe nominations and an Oscar nomination for the song she wrote and performed missing by now should become a dab hand at switching back and forth between careers it’s really interesting how the movies inspired the music and the music inspires the movie whenever I do an album and I do all this other touring and then I’m like okay after a year of it I want to do something else and I love the stability of the movies and I just love doing something that I’m still learning I knew it it’s almost like starting over which is really exciting and then when I do that the movie I’m like okay I gotta get back in the studio I want to come perform every night so it keeps my life interesting and that’s that’s my goal to keep growing and creep keep learning and becoming more of an artist and I’m happy I’ve been given the opportunities to do both she went on to prove that commitment by producing as well as starring in Cadillac Records about real life heroin addicted soul singer Etta James every day I would come home with swollen eyes having to think about the most painful things that have happened to me in my life just so I can give an honest performance it was difficult because I’m not a person that dwells on negativity it it was hard but you know it was necessary and I think I gave the best performance of my life co-star Adrien Brody agreed I was blown away actually and then she she’s our worker and immensely talented and just saying so beautifully was connected emotionally to the hard stuff real the vulnerability of Etta James and and I was really impressed and so were the critics beyoncé’s performance earned her a Satellite Award nomination as well as an N double ACP not for the most outstanding supporting actress her next challenge was to take on a role that didn’t allow her to fall back on her singing skills in abscessed her co-star in the movie it was Elba admired her bravery especially great because you know she came with open arms to just embrace his character you know in this case she’s not playing a singer or anything like that that she’s more comfortable with it’s a very very big challenge for so did a good job for Beyonce the role of a happy homemaker who turns into a kicking and screaming wife and mother when her family life is threatened by an obsessive stalker forced her to really dig deep this was really serious and it came from an emotional place so anything that was really painful and anything that I have to fight in my life um that’s what I thought about so is way deeper than the exterior way deeper than dancing and performing of being you know fierce on the stage it was a far cry from having fun as Sasha Fierce onstage and I did a lot of substitution and the same things that I do to prepare for other roles I’m a heavy believer in putting in a lot of work for movies even for the scenes that are funny or the fighting instead of just relying on the choreography I wanted to emotionally be believable and be as crazy as a woman would be if someone touched their child it also made her think very deeply about her own vulnerability thank God I’ve never had anything like this happen and I pray that it never does I don’t think it will because fortunately the crazy obsessed people that are in my life in Jays life we have really good security so hopefully I won’t have to be in there fighting but you know all the Houston girls live throughout her wildly successful careers in music and film Beyonce has remained incredibly close to her family her father Matthew manages her music career while her mother Tina designs her costumes my mother is my stylist she pulls all the clothes with tie unter my the stylist and it’s great working with her for one she’s my best friend and I admire her and if I could be like anyone it would be her because she’s just such a strong smart beautiful woman adding yet another string to her boat she and Tina decided to launch their own ready-to-wear fashion line called the House of Dereon at the launch in 2005 Beyonce tried to sum up the House of Dereon in three words I represent the kik and my grandmother who is mr.

Wang we named the house of Durrant online after is the song since then the house of deréon has branched out into the world of mobile gaming with a social networking game called Beyonce fashion diva the derionne launch followed her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger as the face of their new fragrance true star people ask me why Beyonce and it’s a very simple answer and I’m sure you all know the answer beyonce is a true star and she is a true star in the true sense of the word the perfume proves so popular that it was quickly followed up by true star gold then in 2007 prestigious fashion house Armani introduced Beyonce as the face and voice of their a new fragrance diamonds the launch at Macy’s department store in New York gave her a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with her fans on the stage the people that are impacted by my music and it’s so beautiful for me to be able to actually shake their hands and to hear the impact that my music has had on everyone’s lives she and her younger sister Solange also recently teamed up to promote a line of Mickey Mouse themed accessories in Japan according to Forbes magazine that endorsement deal helped to take Beyonce’s earnings up to 87 million dollars between June 2008 and 2009 bringing her in at number four on the 2009 Forbes celebrity 100 list in terms of influence and earnings that put her ahead of husband jay-z who came in at number 7 and whose own remarkable achievements have made him one of the richest hip-hop artists in the industry originally christened Shawn Carter jay-z grew up in the tough housing projects of Brooklyn New York abandoned by his father at 12 having once shot his brother in the shoulder and with the occasional dabbling in drugs life was not looking too promising for the young Carter luckily though fate had other ideas keeping his brothers awake at night by banging out endless drum patterns on the kitchen table Shawn’s musical abilities were beginning to flourish his constant freestyling lyric-writing an obsession with rap earned him the nickname jazzy and it wasn’t long before Shawn began to see music as his one-way ticket out of the crime infested neighborhood you know you see how you see the cycle it happens all the time and in praat in the projects you know you you do you have in a certain life and it leads no it leads either to jail or leads to death so I mean it’s up to you to change and for me it was like what I’m gonna do like I’m gonna just keep running the streets fat but what I’m gonna do when I get thirty you know I’m saying that that that always stuck with me so I and I had a talent to rap but it was it was a gift and I recognized it as a gift in the beginning because it was a gift so it came easy for me to put words together and my mom will always be like you know anything that that she want you got to work hard for although now fully concentrating on music and beginning to generate positive feedback no major label would give jay-z a second look his only option was to start up his own independent label he named it Rockefeller Records and released reasonable doubt in 1996 Oh dad that’s my you know my favorite album that’s my baby right there is I have so many special songs as far as the guest appearances I’m just amazed at the people in the level of talent I got on it between Mary and big you know have been having both for them on that out you gotta remember I’m just an otter side of nowhere I didn’t have a single one on anybody’s record I didn’t have a record deal that everyone was talking about you know I just came out of nowhere and have those type of that level of talent on on you debut album you know it was a blessing I mean everything just worked out as well as heading up his original independent label Rockefeller Records he served for three years as president and CEO of hip hop super label Def Jam Recordings his aim in taking over the position in 2005 was to bring an artist perspective to the top job given the power to make or break new artists his priority was to protect the integrity of signed acts and to make it all about the music I like to say that the inmates running the asylum now you have to let people infiltrate the system in order to correct it you have to get in there people that’s outside of the system have to get inside the system in order for it to be better in order for people not to take advantage of artists in order for people to care more about the music you know then quarterly numbers as if running to record companies and a highly successful performing career weren’t enough jay-z was also one of the first artists to extend his reach beyond music and into the fashion industry in 1999 he teamed up with business partner Damon Dash to launch Rocawear an urban clothing line that soon expanded its range to include everything from socks and sandals to sunglasses and now boasts an annual turnover of 700 million dollars after selling the rights to the Rocawear brand ikonics for cool 204 million dollars jay-z can afford to be a little smug in the beginning people who thought hip-hop was just a passing fad and that’s what people say about urban apparel groups you know companies do you know they say that you know it’s just this thing that happens over a couple of summers and then you go away but you know we started this in 1999 and we still here still like number one in our sector so we’re still here despite selling the rights to Rocawear he has retained his stake in the company and still oversees the marketing licensing and development of new products like a new social networking site that offers style and music news but for jay-z Rocawear is much more than a money-making venture so I’m very hands-on I’m hands-on I mean I’ve become lately in the last three three years you know I’m here you know on a daily basis but uh you know I’m very hands-on with the designs the marketing of it and you know just the whole look the overall look and feel of Rockaway because it’s my voice and partly due to his success as a fashion mogul when Reebok approached him to create his own sneaker the boy from the wrong side of New York couldn’t believe his luck hey God throw him the project you know I’m saying and we had to prepare to get shoes it took those months we had to save up and take out trash and do chores to get sneakers so they I mean the goal from that to having your own sneaker just the most incredible thing in the world it went on to become the fastest selling product in Reebok stores around the globe jay-z had become the artist and entrepreneur of the moment and it seemed that everything he touched turned to gold in recognition of his uncanny ability to tap into the zeitgeist he was named 2006 GQ Renaissance mogul by GQ magazine it’s the standard right it’s a standards where you look to see if you’re on on pace well you know hopefully you’re ahead of time together Beyonce and jay-z have become the most powerful celebrity couple in the world far out ranking the likes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt according to luxury lingerie label Victoria’s Secret they can also lay claim to being the world’s sexiest couple while Beyonce continues to sell millions of albums stage sellout tours collect accolades and compiled an impressive acting CV jay-z reigns supreme as the world’s richest rapper with an estimated net worth of 340 million u.s.

Dollars despite their respective high profiles Beyonce and jay-z have done their best to keep their love life out of the public eye with jay-z once stating we don’t play with our relationship rumors of their romance date all the way back to Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child days but solid reports first emerged after Beyonce appeared in the video to Jay’s 2003 single bonnie-and-clyde later in the same year they also collaborated on Beyonce’s smash crazy in love but in 2006 Beyonce shouted down rumors that they were about to tie the knot they’ve been saying it about every celebrity for ever you know it’s not personal they do it every one finally however in April 2008 the cat was out of the bag after they made an early-morning trip to Scarsdale Village Hall in New York oh I think that’s so exciting it’s fun it’s exciting and I can’t believe they came all the way here to get a marriage license that’s very nice the press Julie camped outside of jay-z’s apartment hoping to get a snap of the newly betrothed having finally found a window in their crazy schedules to put a ring on it Beyonce got around to confirming the news in the opening montage of a video to launch her album I am Sasha Fierce since then they’ve been less shy about appearing together in public and have become regular fixtures at each other’s premieres and awards nights on the subject of starting a family Yonsei won’t be drawn except to say it will definitely happen someday what happened in here could happen in five years but I’m in no rush and I do think family is really really important I grew up with both of my parents and with my sister and my cousin and with Kelly and all the girls and it was always a lot of love in my house so I want the same thing in the meantime to the fourth studio album The Doors that looks like this

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