May 6, 2021

Bobby Brown Threatens To PUNCH Chris Rock In The Teeth!!

Chris Rock better watch his back around Hollywood, because Bobby Brown is threatening to PULL UP on the comedian/actor.

Over the weekend Chris Rock shared a very disrespectful meme on Instagram. The meme showed a picture of the late Whitney Houston, and Chris added a caption underneath the image, about smoking crack.

Here’s the offensive meme:

Whitney died by drowning in the bathtub after suffering a drug overdose. The legendary singer battled a cocaine addiction for most of her life.

And Whitney’s ex-husband, R&B singer Bobby Brown, was not here for Chris’ f*kery. 

He immediately went on Chris’ page and threatened the 54 year old funnyman. Bobby promised to knock Chris’ teeth out on sight.

It all went down in the comment section before Chris deleted the post. 

Here are Bobby’s comments: