May 8, 2021

Cardi B Allegedly MAKING OUT With Rapper Sheck Wes!! (Pics)

Cardi B has quite a body count. Before marrying Migos rapper Offset, she’d been romantically linked to dozens of rappers and celebrities.

Now a new rumor is bubbling up that Cardi used to date the Mo Bamba rapper Sheck Wes.  

Sheck Wes is a popular rapper, songwriter and model. He is known widely for his 2017 song “Mo Bamba”, which was initially a sleeper hit and went viral in 2018.

Well now there’s proof that the two used to be an item. A new image is circulating online which shows Cardi and Sheck embracing. In the picture, Cardi’s lipstick is smeared all over her face.

And if you look closely at Sheck Wes, he appears to be wearing Cardi’s lipstick.

It clearly looks like the two had just finished making out, before the picture was taken.

Here is the image:


Cardi is of course no longer dating. She’s married to Migos rapper Offset, and the two have a beautiful daughter Kulture together.