May 8, 2021

Cassie’s Baby Daddy BLASTS Diddy On Social Media!!

Cassie Venture is expecting her first child with her personal trainer boyfriend Alex Fine. Last week, she announced that the couple was expecting, and almost immediately her ex of nearly a decade Sean “Diddy” Combs congratulated them.

Well yesterday Alex decided to BLAST Diddy on social media. One of Alex fans blasted Diddy for his congratulatory post. And Alex liked the comment Blasting Diddy.


In case you’re wondering WHAT Diddy said, that caused Alex and his fans to SPAZZ OUT. Read below.

Two days after the Cassie, 32, confirmed that she’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Alex Fine, the 49-year-old Diddyr shared a sweet tribute to the couple on Instagram.

“Congratulations @Cassie and Alex. I wish you all nothing but love and happiness,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Cassie cuddling with her man. “God bless ❤️❤️❤️ L O V E.”

Cassie and Diddy dated for 10 years, before Cassie dumped the hip hop mogul – and started dating Alex, her personal trainer.