Celebrity New : Ava DuVernay: Hollywood ‘intentionally’ chooses not to hire black actors

Ava DuVernay: Hollywood ‘intentionally’ chooses not to hire black actors The Selma director believes the film industry is putting effort into excluding men and women of colour from having their own chance at fame and fortune. She said: I would say that its quite intentional. Youre basically saying, This is what we want, and this is what were going to have. Theres no way you can tell me that there hasnt been effort put into exclusion.. DuVernay set up her own organisation, Array Now, back in 2010, where she funds a number of movies by minority directors. She added: I wanted to make films about the interiority of women of colour, people of colour, and I knew there wasnt a large market out in the studio system for those kinds of films, so I decided to just distribute on my own. It started as a function of survival. I just finance it from my directing money and from donations from those who believe in inclusive film.

What you see you become, what you see increases your knowledge about the world and your place in it. Its imperative to equalise the playing field.. And the 45-year-old filmmaker has made a point of hiring only female directors to work on her OWN Network drama Queen Sugar. She told People magazine: Its not hard, it just takes intention. Ive heard some people say its reverse discrimination, but I can barely fix my mouth to answer a statement as ignorant as that. Were trying to correct, lead by example. Its an act of resistance…

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