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Six foot five 190 pounds tall and skinny as a QB and during his senior season he passed for over two thousand yards before Colin Kaepernick won Best Breakthrough athlete and the NFL’s greatest on the road honor after leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl in 2013 this isn’t a time to relax and get out of your routine or stop working hard this one you should be working your hardest before Colin Kaepernick’s career took a dive after that season leaving him to warm the benches for the rest of his contract along with his new hottie Nessa not bad abs and deal-breakers in a relationship uh I mean obviously you have to be gorgeous before Kaepernick signed 114 billion six year contract bought a condo in Manhattan for million and had an estimated net worth of 25 billion more education and more training than people that have a gun and are going out on the street to protect us before Colin Kaepernick caused a stir when he took a knee during the national anthem refusing to stand for a country that oppresses people of color and upset the likes of Donald Trump I think it’s a terrible thing and you know he’ll maybe should try in the country that works better for him let him try it won’t happen Wow encouraging someone of a different race to emigrate that’s someone like you mr.

Trump get him a tan raised by white foster parents than reaching six foot four by his teens Colin became very comfortable standing out in a crap determined to become a pro football player despite his slim build Colin have to work hard and long to make believers out of doubters and prove his worth as a quarterback what’s going on guys my name’s Michael regretting documenting the life and career of Colin Kaepernick Briard Fang here for you on before they’re famous now we’ve done videos on other controversial NFL players including rich on Lynch who is pretty hilarious so be sure to check out his story we’re gonna mean let us know in the comment section down below who you want me to talk about next I know he said his name weird Marshawn Lynch there we go pollen happy niggas brave hop hop hop hop eggs : r and Kaepernick was born on November 3rd 1987 in Milwaukee Wisconsin his mother Heidi Russo had him when she was just 19 and his father walked out mid pregnancy hide he had to decide if she should try to race callin herself or give him up for adoption a friend of hers told her about a good family who had recently lost two babies and they were looking to adopt after meeting high school sweethearts Rick and Teresa Kaepernick and seeing they were stable family with a healthy child Larissa decided to give Colin to them being biracial with white parents called figured out pretty quickly that he was adopted he got very comfortable with being different from a young age as those took notice that he didn’t look anything like mom or dad the family relocated to Turlock California when he was just four and growing up he loves Sour Patch Kids and adding movies to his DVD collection which was in the hundreds he also started playing use football when he was 8 and this kid had a hell of an arm something like this he was put in as a quarterback and had his sights set on going pro when he was just in grade 4 hoping he played for either the Packers or the Niners and he wrote a letter where he stated even if they aren’t good in seven years in the meantime he would immerse himself in every sport excelling not only in football but baseball of basketball as well as he started towering above his parents and growing his hair out Cohen had to learn how to handle people’s hurtful comments get a haircut hippie his foster father was a businessman in Todd column the values of treating others with respect even if they didn’t do the same to him his identity growing up was never connected with race and instead his parents encouraged him to be himself later a John Pitman high school he excelled at basketball and joined the baseball team as an elite pitcher clocking in fastball and 92 miles per hour Oh Cubs Colin Kapernick he was so good that in 2009 the Cubs actually picked him in the 43rd round of the drab but football was his true passion despite being in all district and all-conference selection with a GPA major colleges were hesitant to recruit him he stood at 64 but was only 170 pads and skills were afraid that this guy would get trampled on the field determine to prove himself calm which we camp tryout at the University of Nevada in New York to try and earn himself a scholarship he was accepted as a safety for their team and it was his only full scholarship offer but he had to commit to beefing up five games into the season their starting quarterback got injured and Colin got his chance he did not disappoint showing off that strong arm he completes it to Mitchell Kaepernick threw 384 yards and four touchdowns for the Wolfpack and we continue to be their main quarterback for the next four years during his time at the University of Nevada Colin broke a bunch of school records including being the first quarterback in the division to rush over 4,000 yards and pass for over 10,000 when it came time for the draft 2011 Kaepernick was picked up by the San Francisco 49ers just like he had hoped back in the fourth grade he’s been most of his rookie season on the bench until the team’s longtime starter Alex Smith suffered a concussion but 2012 Kaepernick took over as the team’s number one quarterback in just two years Colin Blueway any doubts fans might have had when he scored major wins for the team and helped bring them to the Superbowl in 2013 what a hot streak rolling right looking for Michael Crabtree and he completely man sadly this wouldn’t be the fairytale story with a win for Kaepernick when the Baltimore Ravens took home with W that night a loss Kaepernick took extremely personally the next year just wasn’t the same for the 49ers and Collins up for the shoulder injury it was in 2016 that he would receive the most attention with his decision to kneel during the American anthem stating I’m not going to stand up and show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color some say not standing up during the national anthem is the ultimate disrespect white America went ballistic in Kaepernick’s Jersey became the most sought after in the league as for the rest of the story well you know the story because this is before they’re famous my name’s Michael Cretu we make a lot of bios here for you on this channel we have done over 500 actually we’ve done over 700 we do models we do porn stars we do rappers we do athletes and we want to do more athletes so be sure to let us know in the comments down below who you want me to document next

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