May 8, 2021

Diddy REPLACES Cassie – With A Younger Asian Model!! (Pics)

Sean “Diddy” Combs is officially over Cassie Ventura – he replaced her with a younger Asian model. Diddy and Cassie – who is half-Asian – had been dating for the better part of  a decade.

But Cassie, 32, split with her wealthy sugar daddy last fall – and started dating her trainer.

For a while it seemed like Diddy, 49, would eventually get back together with Cassie and the two would get married.

Nope. Instead Diddy’s dating a beautiful LA Asian model named Gina Huynh. The two had been romantically linked for years. Gina was allegedly Diddy’s side chick for many years, while he was still with Cassie.

Diddy released video with Gina yesterday, the two were kissing and sucking tongues. He’s now publicly proclaiming her as his new official girlfriend

Here are pics of his new bae:

If you look carefully on Gina’s page, you can see that her wardrobe has gotten considerably more expensive in recent months . . . almost like she’s just come into a lot of money.