May 8, 2021

Fashion WINNERS And LOSERS At The Met Gala!! (Cardi & Nicki Lost)

Last night was the Met Gala in New York, and just about everyone looked great.

MTO News managed to get its hands on some pics, and were able to separate the attendees into three categories – SLAYED (for the ladies who did it the best) STAYED (for those that did an adequate job) and FRAYED (for those that missed with their fashion choices.).

Here are the ladies that SLAYED last night:

Lala Anthony looking like a bag of money.

Jennifer Lopez, stunning:

Ciara was perfection:

Idris new wife Sabrina was gorgeous:

Gabrielle Union – stunningly gorgeous:

Colin Kaeperneck and GF Nessa looked great:

Here are the ladies that STAYED:

Kylie Jenner looked OK.

Zengaya looked a little too Disney Princess-y

And here are the looks that were FRAYED:


Cardi B:

Tessa Thompson: