May 6, 2021

Halle Berry Goes CRAZY – Tries To Fight The Paparazzi!!

Halle Berry had a temporary breakdown, and charged towards the paparazzi yesterday – and it appeared the Oscar winning actress was ready for violence.

It all started when the paparazzi spotted Halle Berry with her son and another family on Saturday enjoying some ice cream and playing around. 

Halle Berry, who currently stars in John Wick 3 (which is doing well at the box office), was seen relaxing and playing with her son. Halle’s 5 year old son Maceo, was fathered by ex-husband Oliver Martinez. 

Maceo seemed to be acting out some fight scene from John Wick with his mother. And the family seemed like they were having a good time.

That was until Halle realized that her son was being filmed.

Halle flew into a rage when she realized that she was being followed and charged towards the photogs yelling at them to leave her and her son alone.

Luckily the paparazzi ran off before Halle could reach them.

Here are the pics: