May 8, 2021

Is Actress Sanaa Lathan ‘Cursed’ After Cheating With Denzel???

47 year old actress Sanaa Lathan hasn’t had a long term relationship in nearly two decades. Some of her fans believes that she’s been “cursed” . . . ever since she allegedly began an affair with actor Denzel Washington.

Sanaa and Denzel reportedly hooked up back in 2003, when the pair were filming the movie Out of Time together. Well placed sources  at the time claimed that Sanaa and the married Denzel carried on a full blown relationship while on set.

Sanaa Lathan has denied that the affair took place, telling Vibe (via Fox News), “[The rumor] got started because the movie had a love scene with Denzel, and people took that and translated it to real life. […] It’s frustrating. People are going to talk no matter what.”

But despite Sanaa’s denials, many in Hollywood believe that Sanaa was in fact Denzel’s side chick. And many on social media are saying that all of her future relationships have been “cursed” because of the pain she caused Denzel’s wife.

What do you think about it. Can a side chick really be cursed for the rest of her life???

Here’s Sanaa last night, looking a bit older, but still pretty: