May 8, 2021

Jacksonville Rapper Brags About Killing Yungeen Ace Brother In Disrespectful Video!!

Another rapper is going viral, for filming a diss track at the gravesite of his dead opps, MTO News has learned. And the video by Florida rapper Foolio has already been viewed millions of times.

The song ‘When I See U’ uses Fantasia’s beat, and has some of the most disrespectful lyrics in the history of hip hop. The song is celebrating the murder of Trevon Bullard, 18, of Orange Park; Jercoby Groover, 19, also of Orange Park; and Royale D’Von Smith Jr., 18, of Jacksonville.

20-year-old Kenyata Bullard, Trevon’s older brother was also shot – but he survived. Kenyata, better known as Yungeen Ace, is a rap artist who recently went viral for his hit song Who I Spoke – also about killing dead opps. 


Instagram Model Accused Of Double Homicide After Aborting Twins (; 0:49)

In the video, Foolio suggests that he may have been a part of the group who killed the three men. He describes how the three men were killed, rapping:

They got caught lacking, the whole world wanna know why.

Went out on his birthday

4 shot, 3 dead in the worst way

He kept dissing on me

Now he’s smoking 23.

The three men were reportedly hit by 23 bullets when they were shot and killed on June 6, 2018. MTO News confirmed that no one was arrested or charged in this triple homicide.