May 8, 2021

Joe Budden Caught CREEPING On Cyn w/ Black Model!! (Pics)

Rapper Joe Budden recently announced that he and babys mother Can Santana were separating, now we know why. Joe was caught creeping on his fiancé, with a GORGEOUS BLACK model in Miami.

And he was caught red handed during Spring Break, by a group of fans. Joe was trying to sneak around with his new chick. The fans managed to catch Joe creeping on video.

In the video, which was taken nearly 2 months ago on March 12, Joe was seen on a what appeared to be a date with the beautiful model. 

And we received word that Cyn caught Joe cheating on her TOO. 

A person close to Cyn reached out to MTO News, claiming that the Latina beauty caught her podcaster bae cheating on her – so she left him. Cyn’s friend added, “Joe is foul, but he’s gonna get his. She’s going after him for child support.”

Here’s the video, you see Joe with the girl at 5:46.

And here are screenshots:

The girl in the video is believed to be model Jazzma Kendriicks: