May 8, 2021

Monica’s Husband LAUGHS About Divorcing Her – ‘It Ain’t Nothing’!!

Monica Arnold is going through a painful divorce from her husband Shannon Brown. The R&B singer chronicled the end of her marriage on the last season of the VH1 hit series Friends & Family Hustle.

Well apparently her husband isn’t as broken up about their split.

Shannon appeared on the hit show Sister’s Circle yesterday, and he spoke about his marriage ending – and he was laughing about it.

The interviewers asked Shannon, “Publicly you’ve been going through a lot. Tell the viewers how you’ve been able to navigate [the divorce with Monica] and co-parent.”

Shannon responded while laughing, “I haven’t been going through a lot of nothing.” He then suggested that Monica is “blowing up [the divorce] for entertainment purposes.”

Shannon added, “It’s funny a lot of people have the same idea [as you]. When they see me they’re like are you ok? And I’m like – I’m fine.” He then started laughing with the hosts.

Watch the video: Begins at 6:21