May 8, 2021

Nene Leakes Caught FLIRTING With Man At Kentucky Derby!!!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes was spotted at the Kentucky Derby this weekend, and she was allegedly flirting with a much younger man.

Nene attended the Kentucky Derby with a few friends. He husband Gregg did not attend the event with her.

And that was probably for the best. Because Nene was seen “flirting” with a younger man. at the Trifecta Gala in Louisville.

Here’s what one person explained, “Nene was talking to that man – who looks like he played in the NFL for damn near the whole night.”

The insider, who was not able to snap a photo told MTO News, “He was old enough to be Nene’s son. But he was fine though.”

Nene and her husband Gregg have been having marital difficulties. Gregg is battling life threatening colon cancer, and Nene claims that the battle has changed her husband for the worse.

A few months ago, Nene told the Bravo audience that she’s contemplating divorcing Gregg.

Here are pics of Nene at the Kentucky Derby: