May 8, 2021

New Chicago Mayor – Same Problem: 34 Shot 5 Killed This Weekend!!

Chicago has a new mayor, but the city’s gun violence is still as bad as ever. 34 people were shot so far in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend – and 5 of those people died.

Lori Lightfoot became Chicago’s first Black female Mayor last year, when she replaced Rahm Emanuel. And the city’s hopes are high that she’ll do a better job with the crime problem.

Yesterday was her first real test – on whether she can control gun violence on a warm holiday weekend.

Mayor Lightfoot had a plan. Unfortunately, the mayor’s plan didn’t work.

The plan was to add an additional 1,200 officers on patrol and a special mass transit detail for trains and bus lines. Officers also patrolled high-traffic areas like beaches and popular downtown spots like Michigan Avenue as part of the city’s Summer Mobile Team.

By Sunday evening of Memorial Day weekend, Chicago police had responded to the shootings of 34 people, five of whom died of their injuries, officials said.