May 8, 2021

Peter Gunz From Love & Hiphop Got 19 Yr Old Girl Pregnant!! (Details)

Peter Gunz from Love & Hip Hop reportedly has a 19 year old pregnant girlfriend. The child  will be Peter’s 11th child, and his 6th babys mother.

News of Peter, who is 50 years old, and his teenage girlfriend’s pregnancy broke on social media yesterday. And we spoke with a producer at Love & Hip Hop who appeared to confirm that Peter and his teen bae are expecting.

The producer told MTO News, “We’re considering re-adding Peter to the cast of Love & Hip Hop NY. There’s a recent development in his life that would be interesting to his fans.”

Last year, Peter’s estranged with Amina left hints that Peter was in a serious relationship with a teenage girl. Amina went on one of Peter’s Instagram Live streams and spilled the tea on him and his teen bae. 

Here’s what she said:

Peter’s fans can’t wait to see the drama surrounding Peter’s life . ..