August 1, 2021

Popular DJ Diplo Accused Of EXPLOITING Underage Black Girls! (Graphic Receipts)

Diplo is one of the most popular DJs in the world. But he’s now being accused, by multiple Black women, of grooming them and sexually exploiting them, MTO News has learned.

And at least two Black women claim that they had sex with the popular DJ, when they were under 18 years old.

A Black woman took to Instagram yesterday, to blast the DJ – claiming that he sexually assaulted her – and then his lawyers forced her to settle the matter.

Here’s her story,:

The woman also provided alleged receipts, proving that she knows Diplo:

The second woman to publicly claim that she had underage relations with Diplo is female rapper Azaelia Banks. She claimed that when she was 17 years old – under the legal age in California – she and Diplo were involved in a sexual relationship. She claims that Diplo started her career, but that Azaelia had to “give him some teenage p***y to get [her big break].”


Azaelia Accuses Diplo Of Sex Assault (; 0:58)