October 22, 2021

Quavo Admits He BEAT UP Justin Laboy After Saweetie Interview!!

During a recent interview, the Migos were asked about an alleged altercation that took place in March.

They allegedly put hands on him after he asked Saweetie about a threesome.

“So I wanna talk about straightening…when yall first came out there was speculation about some guy on Instagram that’s kind of popular I guess, Justin LaBoy. So they said y’all beat him up, did that happen?” Lore’l asked.

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“Nothing but a little bit of straightening, we call that straightening,” said Quavo laughing.

“Yeah, we don’t know nothing bout that,” said Takeoff.

“Yeah, nothing but a bit of straightening,” Quavo said again, before Takeoff said, “Yeah, we don’t know nothing about the other situation.”


Quavo Drops Saweetie DISS TRACK . . . Suggests She’s Now A ‘THOT’!! (; 0:30)

During the episode with Saweetie she was asked whether or not she would have a threesome with her man. Quavo and Saweetie had already broken up, but nobody knew this at the time.

The “Tap In” star said she would allow her boyfriend to pick the man who joined them in the bedroom.

Source: https://mtonews.com/migos-address-justin-laboy-altercation