October 22, 2021

Rapper Moneybagg Yo’s Father DROPS Rap Song . . . Takes SHOTS AT SON!!

There’s a new beef brewing in hip hop, between rapper Moneybagg Yo and his own father. MTO News has learned that Moneybagg’s father has launched a new rap career – and as part of his prom, Moneybagg’s pops is taking SHOTS AT HIM.

Moneybagg’s father is a Memphis O.G. named HD White. According to MTO News sources, HD White has been a well known “street” OG for decades. And he’s been trying to launch a rap career for a while also.

When HD White’s son Moneybagg Yo’s career took off, the father says that Moneybagg acted like he didn’t know his father anymore.

There’s Pop Up Strip Clubs In Chicago Public Parks

Pop Up Strip Club In Chicago (; 0:34)

But HD White just re-launched one of his old tracks – and it’s getting buzz and is popping in the streets of Memphis. Listen:

After the song got some traction, HD White went on Facebook, and fired some direct shots at Moneybagg Yo. So far, MTO News confirmed, Moneybagg Yo has not responded.

Here are some of the shits that Moneybagg’s dad fired on him:

Source: https://mtonews.com/rapper-moneybagg-yos-father-drops-rap-song-takes-shots-at-son