October 22, 2021

Reality Star Apple Watts Being Called ‘Crackhead’ After Disturbing Ig Video!!

Love & Hiphop star Apple Watts is going viral today, after she released a video of herself rapping in the studio. Folks on social media are speculating that the reality star appeared to be on some type of narcotic in the video. MTO News learned that many on social media are saying that Apple looked like a “crackhead.”

In the video, Apple was in the studio free styling while drinking cognac. She was clearly inebriated.

But many are speculating it was more than just liquor in her system.


Apple Watts Appears To Be On A Narcotic (; 0:58)

Apple joined the supporting cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in season five, which chronicles her struggles to break out of stripping and into the music industry.

Before joining Love & Hip Hop, Apple Watts was an urban model, video vixen and rapper. She endured a rough childhood growing up in the foster care system in South Central Los Angeles. 

She rose to fame as a stripper, which lead to a brief stint in pornography under the name “Ms. Apple Bottom”, and appearances in numerous hip hop music videos, most notably “Wicked” by Future. 

She has three children, Richard, Kali and Miyaki Watts, from previous relationships.

Source: https://mtonews.com/reality-star-apple-watts-being-called-crackhead-after-disturbing-ig-video