October 22, 2021

Reginae Carter Gets Back Together w/ Cheating Rapper YFN Lucci!!

Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne’s reality star daughter, is back together with her on-again off-again boyfriend YFN Lucci.

Reginae and Lucci broke up in January, after Reginae caught the rapper cheating on her.

The couple has broken up 3 times already. Their most recent breakup was in January, Reginae publicly announced their split on Instagram, and started sub-tweeting him afterwards.

Reginae, 20, the daughter of rap royalty Lil Wayne and entrepreneur and author Toya Wright, has a Twitter timeline that is littered with subtweets to Lucci and dramatic retweets about a person who hurt her deeply. Without mentioning him directly, Carter seems to say that Lucci, 27, never truly “cared” for her.

She also claimed in one post that Lucci was “not letting her leave.” Many were concerned for Reginae’s safety when she posted that.

But everything is much better now, and Reginae and Lucci are back together. Look at them last night:

Source: https://mtonews.com/reginae-carter-gets-back-together-w-cheating-rapper-yfn-lucci