May 8, 2021

Tamar Braxton ‘Takes’ Nene’s Salary To Join Atlanta Housewives!

Tamar Braxton is in “late stage” negotiations with Bravo, for her to join the new season of the Atlanta Housewives. According to multiple sources at Bravo, the network is pulling out all stops and soon Tamar will be joining the cast of the Atlanta Housewives.

When she does, Tamar is expected to be one of the highest paid cast members too. And it will be at Nene’s expense.

One insider at Bravo explained to MTO News, “Nene was scheduled to make $5 million this season, but she’s ‘suspended’ for the first half of the season, so the show will only have to pay her $2.5 million.”

Bravo plans to use the $2.5 million that they save on Nene to pay Tamar to join the show.

The insider added, “It’s brilliant. You can add Tamar to the cast, keep Nene for half the season and not have to increase the budget.”

Of course Nene hates the idea of getting only half her check. According to her rep, Nene and Bravo are in “contract negotiations” so she hasn’t yet started filming this season.

Here’s Tamar’s boyfriend explaining how Tamar is now “free” of her WE tv contract, and in a better place.