October 22, 2021

White Girl Goes VIRAL . .. For Vandalizing Nipsey’s Mural!!

A 23 year old White girl is going viral – for vandalizing a mural of deceased rapper/activist Nipsey Hussle.

The incident occurred in Hartford, Connecticut, and was caught on video:


The Hartford mural was created just a few days after Nipsey was killed, on the corner  of Crenshaw and Slausen, outside his Marathon store in Los Angeles.

Local members of the Crip gang commissioned the artwork to be painted as a symbol of their support for the deceased legend.

But a White girl decided to vandalize the mural – by spray painting “tags” all over the piece.

A passerby caught the girl vandalizing the mural and recorded it – and posted it on Live. The video quickly went viral, and was seen by more than 1,000,000 people.

The girl – who goes by the name KayKay – eventually went on Facebook, and told viewers why she vandalized the rapper’s mural.

Source: https://mtonews.com/white-girl-goes-viral-for-vandalizing-nipseys-mural