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I changed my surroundings like a chameleon sometimes I’m serious sometimes I’m selling yet in time you’ll see my energy can be withheld if it’s a sin to be a winner then I’m going to help before Will Smith transition from hip-hop artist to sitcom star then from sitcom star to Hollywood a-lister snagging Oscar nominations for Ali and the pursuit of happiness I don’t believe you could do yeah before he proved he can actually solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute something him and Justin Bieber have in common I actually heard him adjust to Bieber like BFFs will calls him all the time and he’s like just checking in on you but before Will Smith shacked up with hottie Jada Pinkett and fathered two young Hollywood stars willow and Jaden his mom just gonna smile before his streak of summer blockbusters would include Independence Day men in black I am Legend and Suicide Squad bringing this movie star’s net worth to an estimated two hundred sixty million dollars in West Philadelphia born and raised Will Smith had dreams to becoming a rapper despite his middle-class academic family he turned down a spot at MIT in favor of producing music with his best friend and collaborator DJ Jazzy jet and by the time they were 18 while the two had made it big will was a millionaire but The Fresh Prince was spending it as quick as he was making it by the time he was 20 the IRS was hot on his trail and he was also facing charges of assault after an altercation between a security guard and a record producer landed will in the slammer yeah who knew what’s going on guys my name is Mike McCready documenting the life of Will Smith prior to Fame here for you on before they’re famous now this video has been a long time coming and I’m happy we’re finally getting it done but some of you had some borderline panic attacks that I hadn’t already done it sorry we get so many suggestions which is a fantastic thing because we can keep this party going for another few years there’s just so many of you as always be sure to let us know in the comments down below who you want us to document next now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there I’ll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called bel-air Will Smith was born Willyard Carroll Smith Jr on September 25th 1968 and did indeed grow up in West Philadelphia his father William senior was a fridge engineer and his mother Caroline was an administrator on the Phillies School Board little will well he was raised Baptist along with his older sister Pamela and younger twin siblings Harry and Ellen they grew up comfortably in their middle-class home in a very multicultural neighborhood they all went to Our Lady of Lourdes a private Catholic elementary school the teachers there could be extremely strict but we’ll found that his quick wit and humor were able to get him out of hot water all the time his ability to charm his way to trouble earned him the nickname of being Prince which is actually really funny I mean I did the exact same thing when I was in school but they named me little shit instead hmm I must not have the years your is stick out so much I could use them as antennas connect to the Wi-Fi and my mom’s house back in Australia when he was 12 will became more and more interested in the emerging rat movement sweeping the country he looked up to trailblazers like Grandmaster Flash and started rapping himself he then went to Overbrook high school in 1981 but things were looking shaky between mom and dad the two separated when he was 13 well at a party when he was 16 we’ll hit it off with the GJ that guy’s name was Jeff Townes the two formed a rap duo with will as the emcee and Jeff as producer and the two became DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince DJ Jazzy Jeff there it is said it weird you know everybody said oh he can mix behind his back and he can pick the turntable up and bend the record and scratching it is still as a skip and every which a DJ Jazzy Jeff as high school came to a close will wanted to focus on becoming a rapper and had no intention of continuing his post-secondary studies this couldn’t have made his mom very proud who had just landed him a spot on the MIT pre-engineering program by pulling some strings with the school board but jazzy jeff and fresh prints they started pumping out family-friendly humorous socks the contrast of the emerging gangster-rap of the west coast made their music a safe and highly marketed of alternative malice on the boys were making Bank girls of the world away in 1986 hits like girls ain’t nothing but trouble pave the way for their debut album rock the house which made it on the Billboard 200 and made jazzy jeff and the prints millionaires they graduated high school and continued to build up their massive fan base which skyrocketed when their album he’s the DJ on the rapper shagged the first ever rap Grammy in 1988 plant a butterfly power for mayor will began picking up work as an actor his first appearance was as a t-shirt salesman on an ABC after-school special speaking of his early work will stated that he was absolutely terrible he would memorize the entire script and then on camera you would see him limping everyone else’s lines when they were talking although I couldn’t find a clip of him acting on the show I did find him rapping so let’s take a look i’ve been wrecking the world to be a humorous man and all my dears i’m rappin vicious mom original blows a brains Anatomy detainment destroyed the world nobody can see regardless about will felt about his performance television exec saw potential and opportunity came for will just when he needed it the most the fresh prince had been raking in two big bucks over the last two years but he was spending it as quickly as he was making it unfortunately there’s a little thing called income tax that Big Willie missed the mark by million dollars according to the IRS they seized a bunch of his possessions and took the rest of his income by the time 1990 rolled around will was almost bankrupt on top of this his squeaky-clean image was in jeopardy with him facing charges of aggravated assault criminal conspiracy and for reckless endangering of another person apparently wills security guard nearly blinded a record promoter by the name of William Hendricks after the man was relentlessly annoying will following the assault the man needed six stitches and his left eye orbit was fractured will was held in prison overnight and released and eventually the charges were dropped he did end up with a mug shot though which ever a good look with him fresh out of money and the risk of everything being over he took a gig as a leading man on NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of bel-air will would later reveal that when he signed on to do the show he wasn’t that enthused it was a project he didn’t want to take he just needed the money but I’m sure that changed because the show was fantastic it still is today the show was an instant success and proved will was not only a confident actor but a hilarious one too the show ran for six seasons and they rolled out 148 episodes he became real-life best friends with his co-star Alfonso Ribeiro and they even made a part for his DJ Jazzy Jeff but it wasn’t all fun and games will was forced to pay the IRS 70% of his salary over the first three seasons soon Hollywood wanted to see if Smith was bankable actor and he landed his first big role in the drama six degrees of separation unfortunately it wasn’t a huge success but critics praised his performance luckily his next role proved that will could transition to the big screen just fine hey freeze bitch oh shit bad boys became a massive commercial success and solidified Will Smith as a strong leading man it said him on the path of becoming one of the biggest movie stars today and well the rest of the story you know the story because this is before they’re famous now if you want us to continue documenting Will Smith’s career that’s something we could do for you on and after they’re famous we have done something like that on eminem dre gucci mane just to name a few and i’m not saying at that point they’re not famous i just mean we’re going into their career you know after they became famous makes sense to me although some of you guys get so offended let us know who’s next in the comments down below be sure to check out our playlist on actors and comedians Kevin Hart’s in there I don’t know Jim Carrey he’s my fav maybe he’s yours to browse around I’ll see you guys another video

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