Will Smith Documentary on LIFE, SUCCESS, WORK ETHIC, & PRIORITIES (ITN Person of The Day)

Will Smith Documentary all the stories in hollywood there’s not another one like Will Smith’s at age 39 E is already had three successful careers Grammy award-winning rapper sitcom sensation and finally one of the biggest movie stars on the planet with two Oscar nominations in almost four and a half billion dollars in box office to his credit a movie starring Will Smith is about as close as you can get to having a sure thing whether it’s science fiction romantic comedy for a summer blockbuster there’s any easing into Z as in about in that transcends race in cultural boundaries and it’s one of the reasons so many people like what do you think your appeal is I love living I think that’s infectious this something that you can’t fake and I think that the camera can feel that unhappy do in what I do and means it’s something that gets in inside ok I’m never really view myself as particularly talented view myself as you know slightly above average in talent and where I excel is Marini dick jealous sickening work ethic you know while the other guys LeBron I’m working what are the guys eaten I’m working the you can look at the the first six episodes above the the fresh prince and I was so just hell bent on not bailing me that I memorized the entire script and you can see and certain shots they tried to cut around as much as they can but I am now playing the other actors lives if you don’t believe him watch the scene with the young Don Chi dung keep your eyes on Smith see with all the pretty cool you have nightmares about it there it took six episodes for for someone to tell me to stop doing it so then the the next six episodes look like all come on Uncle Phil a I’m serious master some player Duke was our my father’s shop one summer his dad tore down a brick wall on the front of his business and told twelve-year-old will and his 9-year-old brother to rebuild a job they said was impossible it took them a year and a half but they didn’t and he said I don’t you ever tell me this something that you can do then walked right through that door and when s I’m and they’re my brothers that their looks I’m he said that he crazy as hell and wall is still there and so is the lesson he learned from building I just put my head down and later first Britney my life day I G program was called home base from went out at home base because we we felt bad day how important it is that when you’re trying to do other things in your life how important at home bases to have some plays not necessarily physically that you call home but by some places good in your heart that you feel home someplace you feel comfortable with and ON home babe her like thank God year the I go fellow storeroom remembered do do you use four years ago Maggie Murdock yeah are you using 1988 we we want american music where we were so excited height we run home everybody’s at the airport to meet us all to press and everything is pictures flashes in on that we have been a car we go back to Jeff’s house his mom’s cooking a big meal force in everything so we go in Jeff’s house excited sit down we look at each other like we did man we did just smile comes downstairs with five dollars analyst this is a jeffrey I want to go to the corner give his umbria from baby stroller and see if they got them %um the company can light as it but mom but much too but but but nothing but will give us the last decade and as walkin up to the corner store you know he kinda big rounded ok you know shows was really important through the night governing file rights I was there Will Smith Documentary never have now from behind my experience has been my you make bad choices my question mean you’ll learn how to make money 28 which love you mass when I change careers I was never change into something there funny I was changing something on the right and that to me just really the only way from Turkey have to get to the choices you don’t mind as I am yeah and another 10 with a Hugo bowling and we can make more money pooling which love playing the piano for gotta play yeah it’s like you’re tearing yourself apart if you’re not doing the homes life know what it is right now right now something age love morning everything whatever dude praising possibly going to dedicate your life thank you thank you thank you my the are a lot of fun you know that this is a year ok the head rare opportunity for me you now this is I’m that I stand on this stage today I after a dream that I dream for a long time without we have an african-american president am and as a child my parents always told me you can be whatever you want to be you do whatever you want to do and you know that that office that position not hi s office on the face of the earth it was something I heard my parents saying it but I didn’t totally believing yet I went out in the world and I carry myself but I held my head high and I stood there now the people in your eyes and I talked to people as if I was deserving love everything that this planet has to offer judges I really wanna say to two children out there and two people who are watching confucius say one time he he says he can be and he who says he can’t are both usually writings so I wanna stand here before you and as a whole this award I want to give love to my wife and I want you to keep in your heart just know that you can notify mister dust under contract arm loss right now however i connect a good guy here for me on los and how we we got too long right as we went great we’ve been I’m raining here must bring crime Burke right Deaton by Harry hogger I just over I do not really how it works if you think your and then you’ve been meaning to our starboard Burke right that great burdens right so you have to be prepared when you move from when you talk to reporters when your mother died where through your house you have to understand that danger has it’s no wonder where you’re going lieber don’t think that the I am 100% pain in the back but you guys stay away his third bullpen want to remember they’ve got a good ol offered my difference between depression enjoy right and I think its purpose right is like y/n you wake up in the morning and your life means something to somebody other than you you have a purpose eat you don’t go do the things that you’re going to do people’s lives will suffer and I think that that kinda party is there like to live in service not to you but to live in service to humanity to live in service to your family to live in service to your church do you say to your country to the world living in service is that I run the like that is the purest form %uh Jones year their own arm welcome what’s referred to a spiritual biznews I so the I deal with them energy is things I’m so my dreams right now happens done i cant home you know that skewered simpson moms lives o.o as long design positive there’s no version with the name the bombs loans work done I compartmentalize and I get my priorities straight if you did you make it to get your priorities straight is really simple people you and your family the Spurs or your job is perhaps and just decide ahead of time right so you decide to families bird then use it at the Oscars in your daughter has a fever and it for ninety seconds before your warning you don’t have to make a decision on what you want poverty decision ahead passion and emotion in the moment is always going to give you the wrong hands going to demand at a time not here anymore you are who you associate with ok look around at your five closest friends and Nash who you are if you don’t want to be that person you know what you gotta do ok last question years ago marlon brando but said in an interview to The New York on that too much success can ruin US surely is too much Melia as one the most successful people on the planet do you think you can what I mean anytime you inject extremes into me you tumors you gonna today extremes you yeah I you want to bet me lies I am a guy were don’t wear yours yes Will Smith Documentary the only million going lower do home I try yeah it is yeah absolutely I a Liverpool ok you more so now with my why shield G misspoke yet mouldings to do do time yeah Muslim body okay what are you going two hundred re doesn’t like I’m about me yeah race but I guess yo mama ran away what happens about it hiring the highway I yes please personally you want to use yeah by yeah I’m your yeah I’m war give something good name is Mark few name remainder after Bob Marley who singer game chrome his father his father no do Hey male showed mmm me are ok mom man’s them bedlam ok them ok 9 done burns online his idea news my religious nine shoes racism jury I Jr news line pins names scheduled to perform peace rally guns house John 2 days 9 one man on a stage inside money ask him why me he said but people the more China this world worse are not taken a day on me nuns ok mine gardens ok them them there’s a certain delusional wyland day all successful people like have to head you have to believe that something deploying them what has happen for the last on you when you get here a history you have to believe that some different can have your its almost kinda Venice absolutely not in other words if you knew how difficult that wise why I’m you have going down that perhaps someone you know and now it’s a minute said Ali no one can beat this guy he is this much don’t have this much bigger you got that much bigger much the new E +91 never got a bonanza somehow and I think today that’s a huge honey up %uh me because and I say it to my plans all the time and we laugh about yummy on as I sit here before you like day honestly as I can say tonight truly believe that I’m you measured by one and as bizarre he said bad job the bad from 1 p.m.

To people like yes certain like the one was there in about that isn’t a big aliens about it as well as the disarming honesty you say it that way years what’s interesting about they are many said that about me been around you as a creative reform national p did you want him to get a bomb said one that the Wills means I did you want to go doing here maybe would raise you human young what you know I by absolutely low feel that there are certain Gibson certain talents that that God has blessed me with that it would be spiritually criminal to only use yeah to make money on my my travels with in African spending time with Muhammad Ali and spend time with Nelson Mandela there there certainly issues there there are important to me things there I’ve been blessed with the vehicle to be able to change tuned to be able to as sappy as it may sound make the world a a better place however however minute the the the change and that’s something that is important to me but I don’t believe in that politics is the best news purinergic time right here but the interesting thing to me series this concept use a good one will be many people who are you things like he had so much that Helen redirect it doesn’t look good it is the idea you were given ok menu when the market is none mormon about listening Will Smith Documentary diligent hard works beings you wanna you’ll appreciate the notion looks like list he wanted two nights in mines games absolutely and I believe and i learn very YUM from my parents absolutely that you you don’t try to build a walk don’t set out to build a wall you know salmon build the biggest bad its greatest long that’s never been billed you’ll start there you say I’m gonna late this brim as perfectly as a break can be lame there will not be one brick on the face of the earth that’s going to be labeled as Britain I’m gonna lay in this next 10 minutes and you do that every single day its and whom you have a wall and I think psychologically the advantage that that that gives me over home a lot of people and I’m had been competition with different situations is difficult to take the first step look how big the task means the task is never a huge dans always me one Brett me too I mean it is the amazing how it people are paralyzed mmm from doing anything absolutely they can take the first anyways you this sailor all I’m doing is laying this one break I am NOT bill in the Great Wall of China right here absolutely but in a break here and we’ll have the best breaking your bargain ok and you problem work on time ball yeah go with that we’re talking about bigger jump ball bag number one with a little longer I’m a bobber own doing it actually was an all-big problem by the one electricity nations we will install superman’s too long please amazing in simple-minded will install both mani all the lights doesn’t that will be you some so this his one-year money side want to meet warm guys and it went down probably about on 16 I are you the wall my brother 9 the word about Asian women JDS life ok a year and a half when building is wong’s more year and a half every day and this poem meeting on people in the home and just myself mobile and I understand that when the dead walk there’s going to be okay for at don’t know nobody would never know him and a year and a half hour later admitted a iMac you have later doing final web moms lab my brother and I said said he did but I’ve know him had been planning is in right now yeah were quite apparent two years but he did we stay back we look at the law and he looked at me and my brothers and I don’t John never tell me dead UK do something and walked into the shot right away now here’s what it use it what you said I I said pam is bringing I I’m wrong with him there we need me to tell you that actor yet but what is he doing in mind and the view that dragon end rather the wait what’s great about that story in which made about your dad is that you seem to have come from happy am mom fairly remain don’t remember even when I got your crazy hey about wong et will hand over the generally there was no right you didn’t have the data con like government gun in yet you have the medium and a bronze there’s a sense a mission with you section commitment sensor prepared to do a mines absolutely none to be incumbent running arts background you know what I think up with them a pink bow both my parents and and Mike Brant were achievement on my mother work school don’t zone grown-up so all you know a slightly if we why I get do not say young yea right you know we would run out the house and screen tap ratio what job out the dough my mother’s up SS a bag miss out I back into south will be synapse there is Brianna my grandmother would come in as a maybe you know when y’all below yeah %uh but they’re not evidence-based happened to her so you know there were there were very specific rules and there was the constand desire to be better and you know we mean me we we didn’t go on with the sense that ok where we won was one we grew up with since then where we were almost didn’t matter guns we’ll be coming he will be coming something great ok and then I am always in them them my mother or father grandmother would say that’s great you did a really good job with Dan that’s incredible congratulations try this next and you know I was always a there was always a little bit more genes ok p you started out as a rock June when you are ready Dubai have a column K regions pg I can be was from me it was always like my biggest dream coming out a warning to hear when am I going that wasn’t that bad but i wanna do I wanna hear what about record on the radio and I wanted to see someone here my record on the radio and in June 19 sake I saw Gaga has month by the shock I you not far from get up from that point I’m really been do time I G jacques you will you know I the USA when I will be called me we headed for a hearing on the radio hit you up in a radio yeah and I’m drop from that point I’ve been Will Smith Documentary

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