October 22, 2021

Yo Gotti’s Protege, Rapper Mr. Macnificent Caught SNITCHING!! (Paperwork)

Rapper Yo Gotti and all his affiliates have a solid reputation on the streets of Memphis. But MTO News has learned that one of his biggest artists, Mr. Macnificent, is being accused of “snitching” to police.

And it’s not just rumors, MTO News has obtained the paperwork!!

The rapper, whose real name is Jerry Miller, was the victim of a home invasion robbery last year. Mr. Macnificent was shot multiple times during the violent incident which occurred at his residence in West Bloomfield, Michigan last October.

Three unidentified assailants broke into the residence and shot Mr. Macnifient while his wife was inside of the home. 

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Well MTO News obtained the police report from the incident – and Mr Macnificent told police exactly who he believes robbed him. The police used his testimony to take the suspect into custody.

Here’s the report:

Mr. Macnificent is a Memphis-area rapper with a growing global following and well-known record, How It Feel, has captured the attention of Block Entertainment and BET NETWORKS, two of the biggest names in the industry! 

His latest EP, Most Wanted, has captured the attention of fans around the globe. Music Executives within the music industry continue to rave about his hip-hop and rap ingenuity and lyrical style, as several notable critics and artists such as, Jazzy Pha and 8Ball, describe his musical performances as “one of a kind.” Mr. Macnificent has continued to rise in popularity with hit singles like “Kush” and “How It Feel,” all now available for streaming on key digital platforms. 

Source: https://mtonews.com/yo-gottis-protege-rapper-mr-macnificent-caught-snitching-paperwork